рисунокKarim Karimullinovich Zhakupov was born in 1976. He has higher education. Graduated West Kazakhstan agrarian-technical university named Zhangir khan by specialty agronomist and institute of management and law by specialty lawyer. 

1998 – He began labor activity as engineer-assistant in Zhelayev combine, Uralsk city.

1999 - The deputy of director of LP (Limited Partnership) «Тұлпар», Uralsk city.

1999-2000 Contract manager in LP «Тұлпар», Aksay city.

2001-2002 The deputy of director of LP «Стройинвестплюс», Uralsk city.

2002-2009 Director of LP «Стройинвестплюс», Uralsk city.

2009-2011 The deputy of akim of the Terekty region

2011-2013 Head of Mobilization Preparation Administration of West Kazakhstan region.

2013-2017 Akim of Zelenov district

Since 1 July 2017 - Akim of the Terekty district